China Bootleg

Recently I wan’t to do some weaponary remodelling for my Gouf Custom , and the cheapest way to do so , by buying another gunpla and doin some kitbash.

A friend , Blu-107 know where to buy such thing and I finally order 2 China made Serpent Custom both are 1/144

When the remodelling done , I am tempted to build the chinese bootleg. From my expericene , it was the hardest thing to do remembering the parts were not synchronized and the PVC joints are loose. The gap on each part can be seen clearly and it’s definitely only worth to be kitbashed.

A New Beginning

Hello everyone , my name is Edwin but i do have many aliases given to me
or declare it myself.

First of all this is not my first blog , alrady made several of them and some of them are
still running today.

And finally decide to make another one today.

This is 1254 Signing off