Books , reading them is one of my favorite way to pass a few hour alone. They gives us knowledge and personally I got quite of exqusite list of books that I read in past years.

There are some books that memorable to me like Winnetou , read it about 4 years ago all of the 3 books in about a year. Story about an adventurer and his friend Winnetou the chief of an Indian tribe.

Musashi , bough it about 2 years ago but haven’t got the time to read it again. Just stopped at 5th chapter.

Some history books about World war II , always fascinated with the events and the military techonology developed during the era.

But there are more books at the drawers should be dusted and read.


Personal Legend

About a week ago , I bought myself a copy of Paulo Coelho book titled the Alchemist. And just finished reading it about an hour ago.

The book goes around the concept of a person should fulfill his destiny. No matter how hard the journey is , one should try to listen to their heart. Sometimes people dismiss the signs around them, although they are apparently clear enough for someone to notice it.

There are universal language , the one that connect everything into it. It is there around us we should listen to it once in a while. I can feel them personally , mostly with my cats when they are around me. I don’t speak cat language , neither did they with my language but there are these profound understanding between me and them.

This is my journey and this is my personal legend. I’ve been waiting for too long , sitting around and doing nothing about my life. This is the time I go out there and find my destiny.


All I have is Hate
All you have is Fake
Don’t even bother to help me
Cause I know It’s just your another disguise

Like a poison wrapped in chocolate
one bite will lead to my demise
Like a wine with cyanide
One sip and It’s the end

9th of may 2009

Golden Armor

Why can’t you love me like I do for you
I’ve patiently wait for thousand of years
Only the stars accompany me at night
wishing you could be by my side

I never wanted this fight
cause you are the one I love
No master or servant will stop me
If I must , I will sacrifice anything

Like My Golden armor , this love won’t rust
nor they will broken


If you let me I could,
I’d show you how to build your fences,
Set restrictions, separate from the world.
The constant battle that you hate to fight,
Just blame the limelight.

Inspired by Fences – Paramore


Musuh Tercipta untuk dibunuh
Sahabat ada untuk berbagi
Kekasih hadir untuk dicinta

Tapi tak perah kurasakan cinta yang tulus dari dalam hati
semua upaya musnah begitu saja seperti tiada berarti
Tidakkah kalian merasakan kebencian di dalam hatiku ini ?
Hati yang telah ternodai oleh kekecewaan akan hidup ini

Biarlah jika kalian tidak perduli
yang hadir hanya kemunafikan dan kepura – puraan
Lebih baik aku pergi saja dari tempat ini

5th of may 2009