Journal entry


Need to fix these buttons , because some of them already destroyed by my cat’s and I feel very uncomfortable cause i lost both of my ctrl buttons , one shift button and the caps lock button (how the hell am I gonna unleash my fury without this one).

Photo Studio

Untill now , I’m using a very minimalistic but very useful photo studio. It is only consist of a small white background paper attached by duck tape , small table lamp of 60 watt , and my sketchbook as reflector. But due to my cat running around in my room and sleeping on the background paper , it was once again tainted and I need to get a new one.  Well , been decided to have more permanent studio and probably gonna buy the materials at the hardware store on wednesday.

Macro Photography

Lately when photography some figure , there is a sudden need to increase the quality of my photograph because it seems I just can’t capture the details of them. Been considering to purchase a 90mm tamron macro , but haven’t acquiring the sufficient information has left me in doubt.

Mini 4 WD : Brocken G

Brocken G

Brocken G Chassis

Back then in junior high , Mini 4WD was a trend and I am one of the follower. Bought myself around 7 of them and many were unlucky enough to survive. But this one is my last and greatest development of them all , A brocken G. Got quite high speed with Ultra dash motor , Ball bearing roller and equipped with sponge tyre to save weight and add traction.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

It’s been 7 years since I first eat a japanese curry , it was in Tokyo while having some holidays. But last night finally found one and try it for the first time. The taste is the same although back then the portion was larger and instead of beef the curry filled with beef and potato. Nevertheless it’s satisfy my curiosity to eat another curry after a long time.

HGUC Ksahtriya NZ-666

It’s probably already a year since Bandai release a MG kit of Unicorn and Sinanju.

But they haven’t release any sort of kit of one my favorite Mecha from Gundam Unicorn series (anime willl be appearing at the end of 2009)

But I should not worry , since Bandai already making some prototype and cast some HGUC kit 1/144 of Kshatriya.

Looking by the size of it’s box and the sprue it will be a fun Gunpla to built.

Can’t wait to get one , which mean i must start saving some money form now on.

Images from Akiba Hobby

One day adventure

Picture 032

Yesterday I went out to Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke


Saw a family of monkey there


A troop of monkey


A few birds


Few sea birds

Pulau Onrust

Onrust sign

Jalan di Onrust

A view at Onrust Island


The remain of a Hajj quarantine building


Gravestone of Maria , a Dutch princess died at age of 24

Flower at Onrust

Lovely flower at Onrust Island near the gravestone


Sign of Rambut Island , need a permit to land here.


Bird that migrate and breed here before going back into Japan , Australian and other county


Bats , just hanging around


A monitor lizard

Bird watching tower

Birdwatching tower

Planting Mangrove

Planting the mangrove

I Planted this one

Mangrove that I planted

Going home

Everyone is knocked out , including this volunteer from Japan.

She’s sleeping quietly while wave rock the boat

Lamb Grill

African Lamb Grill

African Lamb Grill

I was walking around in Bandung for something to eat then a saw the restaurant that sell African Lamb Grill that was a branch from the one in Jakarta.

At first I ordered some Fried rice with lamb but they run out of spice so I just order the Lamb Grill. The Lamb was cooke on coal fire and then put on a drum to shaken so the spice are spread even.It was served with onion and accompanied by Hot sauce , Soy sauce and Mayonnaise. In the end I  was so full , because a plate was suppose to be eaten by 2 person.

Vintage Toy Museum

Yesterday I went to Bandung again to visit Zerotoys. I never saw it before yesterday but they got some Vintage toys from 10 to 20 years ago. The museum itself still far completion but got collection ranged from US to Japan vintage toys. Probably it’s the 1st kind in Indonesia, apart from private collection.


US Vintage


More US Vintage

Vintage robot

Vintage robot


Transformers and other robot


More Transformers stuff


Darth Vader


Millenium Falcon and X Wing Fighter


More Vintage Toys