One day adventure

Picture 032

Yesterday I went out to Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke


Saw a family of monkey there


A troop of monkey


A few birds


Few sea birds

Pulau Onrust

Onrust sign

Jalan di Onrust

A view at Onrust Island


The remain of a Hajj quarantine building


Gravestone of Maria , a Dutch princess died at age of 24

Flower at Onrust

Lovely flower at Onrust Island near the gravestone


Sign of Rambut Island , need a permit to land here.


Bird that migrate and breed here before going back into Japan , Australian and other county


Bats , just hanging around


A monitor lizard

Bird watching tower

Birdwatching tower

Planting Mangrove

Planting the mangrove

I Planted this one

Mangrove that I planted

Going home

Everyone is knocked out , including this volunteer from Japan.

She’s sleeping quietly while wave rock the boat

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