Journal entry


Need to fix these buttons , because some of them already destroyed by my cat’s and I feel very uncomfortable cause i lost both of my ctrl buttons , one shift button and the caps lock button (how the hell am I gonna unleash my fury without this one).

Photo Studio

Untill now , I’m using a very minimalistic but very useful photo studio. It is only consist of a small white background paper attached by duck tape , small table lamp of 60 watt , and my sketchbook as reflector. But due to my cat running around in my room and sleeping on the background paper , it was once again tainted and I need to get a new one.  Well , been decided to have more permanent studio and probably gonna buy the materials at the hardware store on wednesday.

Macro Photography

Lately when photography some figure , there is a sudden need to increase the quality of my photograph because it seems I just can’t capture the details of them. Been considering to purchase a 90mm tamron macro , but haven’t acquiring the sufficient information has left me in doubt.


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