Katsudon Curry

Curry Katsudon

Back again with something I ate today. It’s a Katsudon curry , something from my favorite restaurant. The chicken was crispy and the curry was good enough , but it is no match for the beef curry I ate back in Japan in 2002. Wish I can go back and do crazy stuff in Akihabara.

Rei ayanami

While doing my usual browsing everyday , I stumble upon this PVC figure of Rei Ayanami made by Shunya Yamashita. I’ve been looking for her since few months ago but seems can’t find it untill yesterday. After contacting the seller he say that Rei is on stock and he will look for it first on his warehouse (which actually part of his home). After it’s confirmed I went there and retreive the good and after opening the box , I do the usual photoshoot in order to celebrate the acquisition.

Rei Ayanami

Shunya work always amaze me,  including this one

Rei Ayanami

Look at those gorgeous curves.

Rei Ayanami

One shot from her left

Rei Ayanami

One shot from the right

Rei Ayanami

Portrait shot

Rei Ayanami

And for the last shot , from the back.

Overall this figure is very nice, the re-interpretation was really good and as usual Shunya never disappoint me with his works. Still thinking about acquiring more  figure next time, probably another Shunya work but in my mind right now is some figure from Ikkitouen probably Kanu Unchou or Choun Shiryu.

Emporium Pluit Timezone : Disappointing

Since Timezone open on the Emporium pluit mall across my campus, occasionally I go there and play few games. At first one or two months there seems no problem with the machine and all goes well.

But I saw some decline on its game provided there. Starts with my favorite game primeval hunt, which is a shooting game with a nice feature of touch screen monitor. Last June it’s still working fine, then I was on holiday for a month so didn’t have any chance to go there in July. I was back on early august and start visit Timezone once again and found out that the touch screen was broken and replaced by a cardboard to what I assume hide the flaws. The touch screen itself an important part of the game, and when I ask about when they’ll fix the touch screen the employee can’t answer it.

Yesterday went there again because I have some free time to kill , and when playing some Claw crane game first and second try was ok and no problem at all. But at the third try the game was stuck and the claw seems like just going to the back and it’s slipping away. When I ask the employee to see it , he told me that the motor was broken and I was asked to play another game. Note that I was the only customer that morning.

Error also occur when I play Drum mania 10th mix last month, seems like there is a bug on the software. Spider stompin game also have a broken button that haven’t been fixed.

It’s such a shame for a long established game center that was in  better condition than now.

One day with Danbo

Yesterday I brought along my Danbo to Campus and everyone is asking me about  him from colleages to my lecturer. Many of the girls find him very cute and irresistible , about 14 of them said it to me that particular day.

Hitch a ride

Riding along in my pocket


Ain’t he cute


Seeing a Burner for the first time , he’s quite curious

Danbo Love Kuroki Nanami

And when I left him alone he browse my computer and found the Idol folder. At least now I don’t have to worry about his growth and development.

Human Race Disease

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa

Lately there is news that Maria ozawa a Japanese Japan Adult Video Actress will come to Indonesia in order to play in a movie titled “Menculik Miyabi” or Kidnapping Miyabi. But the reaction here were harsh , they think that Miyabi mill corrupt the Morale of this beautiful country. The truth is , I feel it’s very dumb , because it’s clearly media take advantage of this and they keep pouring the gasoline to the fire.

Comments keep coming from here and there

Like the one from one of the minister in Indonesia : “Miyabi face says porn”

Front Pembela Islam , the one who feel very righteous to uphold the morality of this country even said they would die so Miyabi won’t come to Indonesia.

What I ask now what is their right to Judge her like that. Anyone that is pure and don’t have a sin may cast the first stone, but clearly no one can do that. Don’t they realize in this country called Indonesia there are many Politicians enjoying prostitution or keeping mistress; Corruptors are running free here and there. What I mention before is a public secret, everyone knows about it but afraid to say anything.

All of the above are clear example of Human Race disease called hypocrisy. They say one thing when the truth is the other for them. From psychological point of view this is called projection, where they see their corrupt themselves and throw it onto something outside of them. I just hate it especially with hypocrisy, it does a hard thing to find people nowadays that don’t afraid express their true opinion. All of these fear comes from the social judgment, another Human race disease.

Personally I am not afraid to say I support Maria Ozawa visit to Indonesia. And my final words are “Judge yourself, before you judge other”

My Amazon Danbo Arrived

Danbo amazon box

Today I went to the barbershop to get my haircut and also acquire my Danbo from the seller. Been order it since last month ,and arrived at the seller house about one week after he promise.

Danbo inside

But I’m happy when I see my Mini Danbo for the first time


So , here he is my Mini Danbo Amazon version. Gonna have some photoshoot with im tommorow.

War Machine

I just stumble upon an article and it seems it got a concept picture of  War Machine for the Iron Man 2 released next year

Judging from it looks , very promising and I’ve become impatient  for the movie and the 12 inch  figure from Hot Toys next year.

Image from : dumbdrum.com