My Amazon Danbo Arrived

Danbo amazon box

Today I went to the barbershop to get my haircut and also acquire my Danbo from the seller. Been order it since last month ,and arrived at the seller house about one week after he promise.

Danbo inside

But I’m happy when I see my Mini Danbo for the first time


So , here he is my Mini Danbo Amazon version. Gonna have some photoshoot with im tommorow.


9 responses to “My Amazon Danbo Arrived

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    • Just checked the Amazon , around 2000 yen depends on the version and they do ship to other country. If you can’t read Japanese just try ebay.

  2. como eu consigo um Danbo ? pelo amor de Deus eu amoo *–* eles sao a minha vida por favor como eu faço pra comprar um ?

    • Desculpe eu tenho que usar o Google Translate para isso. Mas você pode obter um através do eBay. Recebo através de um amigo meu

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