Danbo Fullsize

After getting my Mini Danbo shipped from Japan quite a while ago , I was thinking about getting the fullsize. But the price was very high , it was about $45 and the shipping was $20 while looking around. But while browsing through the Kafegaul forum on buy and sell section a collector is selling one just for $45 and Immidiately contact him. The deal is on and the pickup location is set. Went there at about 1 PM and met him at the food court

After that , I brought him to campus and the reaction for him is immense. Girls love the way he look and call him cute even try to kidnap while I am not aware.


Danbo himslef

Danbo fullsize

His eyes can light up like the mini Danbo

Box front

Front of the packaging

Box Back

Back of the Packaging

Playing Rubik

Spending some quality time with Mini Danbo


2 responses to “Danbo Fullsize

    • I got mine from a collector that got bored and eventually sell few of his collection , including Danbo. but I do know a friend that is selling one , it’s on the same Forum.

      Note : My location is Jakarta , Indonesia

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