Sushi Naga

Sushi Naga




Sushi Moriasawe set , it is nice to finally see Sushi and Fusion Sushi on the same plate


The Fusion have Salmon eggs , Crackers , Cucumber and Crabstick.


Soy sauce , powder chiliĀ  and last but not least Ginger. The ginger is used to “wash” your tongue so you don’t mix the taste of one kind of sushi with the other one

AddressThe Address of the Restaurant.




Suddenly I decide to pick up my DSLR and taking some random pictures. This one is a motorcyle passing through in front of me.

Jason Mask finally Arrive from Singapore

After waiting for almost 2 weeks , my Jason Mask has finally arrive.

Jason Mask

Already try to put it on and it’s a little bit too small for my face. But it does not matter since I will wear a hoodie and cut my hair clean to get into the role.

Will wear it on next month Toyfair.

Last Saturday , went out a full day with my Jason mask just to test several things


i was able to put it on for 2 hours straight without any sign of discomfort since the strap is adjustable. Kudos for the maker.


As for the craftmanship , the shape is good but the downside is the holes around the mask are assmetry , the size of the eye hole are different , and the red paint on the forehead and the cheek goes everywhere.

Scare level

Manage to scare at least 7 people and yes it scare the hell out of them no matter who they are

Final verdict

It’s a good one and does the job well to scare anyone but need to be fixed on the craftmanship side

Is it a game

I know you are my number one
there is no doubt about it
the only thing I will love for the rest of my life
like it was the earth and the moon

but why when I try to get close
you were running away from me
I just don’t comprehend

Is it a game you play with me
the one that people call as romance

Journal Entry

Temporary Withdrawal.

Internet has become an addiction to me, and it’s time to make a cut out of it. I already feel the negative side effect of it like not having happiness or time for myself and lost my passion on photography because of it. It’s a hard decision but I will withdraw myself from Facebook , Myspace , Deviantart , WordPress and Blogger for a while and concentrate on things matter for now.


The exercise done for the past 3 weeks have given off some results , my weight are steadily decreasing while my muscle mass is gaining. Trying to do it 6 times a week but for now the record is twice a week , need to go for more.


I am in such a weak mode , at least from last year there have been 5 shot that breach my AT-Field but manage to handle one and there are 4 more to do. Hope I can narrow it down to a healthy and manageable number that is 1.