Mandalorian Project : Red bounty Hunter

After join forces with the Order 66 SITH , I was tempted to make a mandalorian bounty hunter costume and last night I was staying up late to finish the colour scheme. It’s a mix of Black , Red , and Gray.

Mandalorian helmet

My Mandalorian

Did not know when I will complete the whole costume , but at least initial plan was to do some sketching and need to draw some weapon before finalize it.


The best Steak at Km57 rest stop

As usual my family do a one day trip to the City of Flowers , Bandung. Because we were late then I did not have any breakfast at all that morning. About 11 am my stomach getting sick and hurt because of the acid then we stop at Km57 rest stop in Cipularang highway. The initial is to eat antoehr KFC but I remember that it’s one of the worse choice out there but finally saw this small steak restaurant


I sit down and see the menu then decide to order an extra sized sirloin because I am so hungry and it’s already lunch time. I expect nothing much since it’s a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere. But seems like I was wrong and after the first bite of the steak , I can say this is the best steak I ever ate not like the one in Fiesta steak with small chunks of meat.


Cooked medium rare and it’s got all the goodness inside


The restaurant name is Ribbone steak house , will be back for more next time I visit bandung

Here comes D90


After patiently using my D40X for three long years I just upgrade it to Nikon D90. It’s time since my photography skills are expanding and feels like D40x does not suit me anymore. Been looking for it for a week and did not found any store with a stock , don’t know why but finally I got it at JPC Kemang. But I now it’s here and it’s time to expand my work again with reading some books by Michael Freeman.

As for my D40x , I gave it to my sister because she will need to learn how to use an DSLR soon for his practice as a doctor