Journal Entry

Old and new books to read

Recently been dusting off some books from shelf and buying a new one yesterday. The old one is Mastering Digital Photography by Michael Freeman , it’s been a solid year since I bought the book and now my progress last time is page 427 form 650 need to catch up then. The other old book is Warrior Of the Light by Paulo Coelho , about to read it again for the second time. The new book is 52 Photographic Projects by Kevin Meredith , a nice book to fill up my creativity because it’s been lost for too long.


My Strobist studio is coming together , last time I got 2 3rd party flash , 1 trigger and 2 receiver. Been saving up again to get some umbrella , lightstand background stand and background paper.



It is funny , when things lost and you look for it almost all the time it will elude you but when things are calming down and you did not look for it suddenly it’s there in front of you.

It happen to me last ocotber , I was looking for ideas but it’s nothing

then When november comes it all suddenly a rush of ideas

now I am in the middle of making a predator gauntlet , the mechanics already done now need to find the right configuration to build it