Broken Lightsaber

Few day’s ago I posted about making a new lightsaber, and seems like it is a right decision since I broke one of mine last saturday during training. The current progress is the body is in the middle of fabrication, nothing fancy this time because I need it quick so it will be using PVC pipe.

Below is the pic from the broken saber and the one who broke it


The clawed saber dubbed as the Reaper but I rename it to Blood reaper has destroyed my standard saber. Both of them are made by a my friend from Kit Sabers located in Singapore.

Will update the progress next week as the new lightsaber completed.






Time to make a lightsaber

It’s been 2 years since I own a custom lightsaber, but now I think it is time to make one with help from my friends. I’m dong the design an paint while two of my friends are helping me with fabrication and electronics.



It’s a work in progress right now, might have to wait a bit since I am also working some other saber for friends.