1/48 RX-78 Gundam

It seems like Bandai would supersize their famous RX-78.  It’s still in form of prototype but judging from it’s leg seems like they making some improvement but I can’t judge untill further update

images from Toysdaily


WIP : Astray Red Frame

After a long hiatus from Gunpla building now I am embark on a new project. After deciding to build an Astray Red Frame I began to look for it. My initial search was at Puri Indah and I found none , do saw one last week on the shelf. Then Emporium Pluit where I just find Astray Gold and Green Frame but none of the Red one. In the evening of the same day try for Mangga Dua Square but can’t find the shop and I am left with dissapointment. Untill the next day where I was searching at Kelapa Gading and finally manage to find one.

Astray Red Frame

Already finish the torso and the head but still need to complete the arms , legs and still can’t decide amI gonna build the backpak or not. Probably gonna do some customizing at the and and paint it as well.

HGUC Ksahtriya NZ-666

It’s probably already a year since Bandai release a MG kit of Unicorn and Sinanju.

But they haven’t release any sort of kit of one my favorite Mecha from Gundam Unicorn series (anime willl be appearing at the end of 2009)

But I should not worry , since Bandai already making some prototype and cast some HGUC kit 1/144 of Kshatriya.

Looking by the size of it’s box and the sprue it will be a fun Gunpla to built.

Can’t wait to get one , which mean i must start saving some money form now on.

Images from Akiba Hobby

Duel Gundam Stealth

Finally , after three months hold I finished the Duel Gundam repainting.

The first concept was to paint it like Punisher with a big skull on the chest. Later I skipped the skull and repaint it black then spray it with flat clear coat.

It looks good , but I have difficulties looking at it’s detail since it all black.

This is the only picture I have before it’s painted

Must admit , it looks better with it’s flat black paint

Posing with it’s 115mm “Shiva” rail gun

The Workstation / Photo Studio

Gunpla Family

Recently I browse youtube looking for Gunpla and found something really interesting. A mini – series of a family that loves Gunpla.

Already watch all of them and it’s totally hillarious , wonder if there is a family like that in the world. I would love to meet them.

China Bootleg

Recently I wan’t to do some weaponary remodelling for my Gouf Custom , and the cheapest way to do so , by buying another gunpla and doin some kitbash.

A friend , Blu-107 know where to buy such thing and I finally order 2 China made Serpent Custom both are 1/144

When the remodelling done , I am tempted to build the chinese bootleg. From my expericene , it was the hardest thing to do remembering the parts were not synchronized and the PVC joints are loose. The gap on each part can be seen clearly and it’s definitely only worth to be kitbashed.