I recently bought a Nerf Raider at the toyfair , and I decide to repaint it just like my Maverick


Here comes D90


After patiently using my D40X for three long years I just upgrade it to Nikon D90. It’s time since my photography skills are expanding and feels like D40x does not suit me anymore. Been looking for it for a week and did not found any store with a stock , don’t know why but finally I got it at JPC Kemang. But I now it’s here and it’s time to expand my work again with reading some books by Michael Freeman.

As for my D40x , I gave it to my sister because she will need to learn how to use an DSLR soon for his practice as a doctor

WIP : Astray Red Frame

After a long hiatus from Gunpla building now I am embark on a new project. After deciding to build an Astray Red Frame I began to look for it. My initial search was at Puri Indah and I found none , do saw one last week on the shelf. Then Emporium Pluit where I just find Astray Gold and Green Frame but none of the Red one. In the evening of the same day try for Mangga Dua Square but can’t find the shop and I am left with dissapointment. Untill the next day where I was searching at Kelapa Gading and finally manage to find one.

Astray Red Frame

Already finish the torso and the head but still need to complete the arms , legs and still can’t decide amI gonna build the backpak or not. Probably gonna do some customizing at the and and paint it as well.


Tarot deck

Since my mother told me that her grandmother was an excellent tarot reader , it makes me want to learn about it. Since then I’ve been looking for a tarot deck around Jakarta , and found several but they does not suit me at all. But a week ago found one and it comes with instruction book on the meaning of the cards and the various spreads. From now on I shall learn about it and probably be as good as my great grandmother.