Lessons I got from Danny Choo

Yesterday and Today I went for AFA Indonesia, and on the first day I have the chance to listen a presentation by Danny Choo.

Danny Choo is a famous blogger at http://www.DannyChoo.com and entrepreneur who now live through pursuing his passion that is Japan.


Here are some of his words from the presentation yesterday.,

1.Make a Resume, you will never know when an opportunity appear in front of you.

2.After you make one, keep adding more skills.

3.How to add more skills ? learn from Google Sensei, he is available for 24 hours everyday.

4.What is important from working for free is that you gain experience from doing it

5.Have a courage to live your own life, not to please other people expectation

6.Do things that are your passionate about and don’t forget to share it so other people can see it.

7.When you’re done, keep it up, keep working and sharing

8.Sometimes what is important is not money, but a long mutual friendship that is long lasting.

9.What is important on a job is to be someone that can execute that job every single time

10.Focus on people and things that matters


Journal Entry

Old and new books to read

Recently been dusting off some books from shelf and buying a new one yesterday. The old one is Mastering Digital Photography by Michael Freeman , it’s been a solid year since I bought the book and now my progress last time is page 427 form 650 need to catch up then. The other old book is Warrior Of the Light by Paulo Coelho , about to read it again for the second time. The new book is 52 Photographic Projects by Kevin Meredith , a nice book to fill up my creativity because it’s been lost for too long.


My Strobist studio is coming together , last time I got 2 3rd party flash , 1 trigger and 2 receiver. Been saving up again to get some umbrella , lightstand background stand and background paper.


Journal Entry

The Road Is Empty

The short story is , people who come from outside Jakarta usually goes to their hometown at Lebaran which is at the end of Ramadhan. Because of that , the streets of Jakarta are now empty untill today , not many cars were around and I can Speed up to 100 KM/H on the main road of jakarta with less time to travel the same distance.

Waiting for Danboard

Just order a Figure from Yotsuba anime called a Danboard. The man who sell me the figure said the shipment will arrive from overseas at the end of the month

Terminator T-600 endoskeleton

Been considering to get myself a Hot Toys endoskeleton of T-600 from terminator. Feel very interested after seeing the review on youtube and a guy named Jeff Parker. Already sent some messages to seller at Kafegaul but still no reply from them.

Starting a business

Seems like i’ll be going onto a business of selling figure soon after I can find a supplier.


After considering the amount of action  figure I have , will start writing some review about them in one or two weeks.

Journal entry

This Week

I am enjoying my holiday although it’s only for 8 days due to Idul Fitri tommorow. Well , now I gotta clean up the my room and help cook for tommorow since my cousin will come.

Anime DVD

Yesterday went to a DVD store nearby and finally found Ikkitousen series complete DVD and also Fate/Stay Night series.  Haven’t got the time to watch any of them so i’ll just keep them on the desk for a while.


A friend of mine need help for some Transformers figure , particularly ravage the one eyed metal cat which is part of soundscream the decepticon. Manage to found one and already sent him a Private message on the forum

Hot toys Men’s suit

Recently I purchase an Iron Man Mark 3 figure from Hot Toys which comes with extra 2 pair of hands and a spare head with the face of Robert Downey Jr. Been browsing lately and some of international collector use the extra head to make aTony Stark figure. Just bought the 12 inch body needed for the kitbash but still lacking the Suit from the movie itself. Already contacted my regular figure seller but he already run out of stock , last night already saw one on Ebay with much cheaper price and free shipping but I don’t have paypal so need to ask a favor from a friend.

Journal entry

Today been a good day for me , although not going to the uni for the lecture . The end block examination is in 5 days , already study hard but seems like none of them stick to my head. The source of my sickness probably comes from mental exhaustion of straight studying for 4 week without taking any rest. As result my mind seems to wonder around here and there with no intention of getting a rest whatsoever.

Also seems like I have several issues to deal and decision to make.

Journal Entry

I just woke up because of an earthquake hit Jakarta , it’s the 2nd one for me and the City. The first one occur back in the 1997. I feel like there is someone nudge my bed when I was realized that none would enter my room since I locked it from the Inside and then found out that it’s impossible that my keychain that is hangin are swingin here and there. Immediately getting out of my room and found the crystal lamp outside were swinging too.Hope it doesn’t pave way into a bigger one in the future. Off course I wouldn’t realize it if it isn’t big enough like the one back in 1997.

Update : The epicenter of the earthquake is on Tasikmalaya , West Java with 7,3 on richter scale.

Journal entry


Need to fix these buttons , because some of them already destroyed by my cat’s and I feel very uncomfortable cause i lost both of my ctrl buttons , one shift button and the caps lock button (how the hell am I gonna unleash my fury without this one).

Photo Studio

Untill now , I’m using a very minimalistic but very useful photo studio. It is only consist of a small white background paper attached by duck tape , small table lamp of 60 watt , and my sketchbook as reflector. But due to my cat running around in my room and sleeping on the background paper , it was once again tainted and I need to get a new one.  Well , been decided to have more permanent studio and probably gonna buy the materials at the hardware store on wednesday.

Macro Photography

Lately when photography some figure , there is a sudden need to increase the quality of my photograph because it seems I just can’t capture the details of them. Been considering to purchase a 90mm tamron macro , but haven’t acquiring the sufficient information has left me in doubt.