One day with Danbo

Yesterday I brought along my Danbo to Campus and everyone is asking me about  him from colleages to my lecturer. Many of the girls find him very cute and irresistible , about 14 of them said it to me that particular day.

Hitch a ride

Riding along in my pocket


Ain’t he cute


Seeing a Burner for the first time , he’s quite curious

Danbo Love Kuroki Nanami

And when I left him alone he browse my computer and found the Idol folder. At least now I don’t have to worry about his growth and development.


Mini Studio

Yesterday went to the hardware store to buy 2 lamps and 2 stands to renovate my photo studio


The Photo studio that is fairly simple , white paper for the background and 2 lamps that I just bought and install


This is when the light was on. Didn’t use the side lamp here because it will overpower my pocket camera sensor. The one on the right is the reflector


And this is the result , quite good for me but still need to have some paper as diffuser.


If you let me I could,
I’d show you how to build your fences,
Set restrictions, separate from the world.
The constant battle that you hate to fight,
Just blame the limelight.

Inspired by Fences – Paramore

Photography : How It All Started

Photography , a word that always cross in front of me but I just ignore it untill 2 years ago. Since the early age already I holding the camera when my family just go on the trip and taking pictures from the usual to the odd. The only drawback to this fascination back then is , I only appear in 2 to 3 photos on each photo album. The dark ages come at the junior high where I almost take none and the passion begin to show itself again in High school. Usually just taking some candid pictures of my friend. And after I bought my first DSLR ,the snowball just turn into a massive avalanche. Realize it or not since then I already soak up as many information as i can , but my hunger won’t be satisfied because of the rapid development of the photography after the invention of Digital photography.

Where did I learn all of my tricks ? Probably one of the question you all may ask. The truth is I haven’t follow any kind of photography lesson whatsoever in my life. I just browse through Deviantart and look at other photographer for inspiration , and yes I also have an account there.
But I also learn from numerous books and magazine , some of them are free E-books dowloaded from various location. Youtube also got lot’s of useful tutorial on them , range comes from the basic technique to tools and lot’s of things. From all of them , the most difficult part is the basic , like ISO , shutter speed , aperture , exposure , Composition , but after getting to know them it’s all make sense and I tend to create better photograph by examine my work and correct the mistakes I made next time.

I am probably the kind of photographer that never stay in one place too long. Constantly moving and trying to create photograph with various theme , almost try ever single one of them and I like them all because of various challenge.

Now , I can create a composition out of nowhere when I look at some interesting object in front of me , and it happen without I’m thinking of it. Still learning from many other photographer out there and hope that I will be one of the best in the field.But since I take a break from it for a while , now my skills are a little bit rusty. Gotta open those books again.