I recently bought a Nerf Raider at the toyfair , and I decide to repaint it just like my Maverick


WIP : Astray Red Frame snapbuilt finished

Last time the progress was only on the torso but now


Finished both arms , feel lazy for the legs

Astray Red Frame

But few hours later I did finish him without the backpak. Probably gonna customize on that one. Next is time to nip all the male parts (Which I should’ve done before assembly) and then paint with the original colours.

Still thinking about acquiring another one or two to be customized.

Munny Custom Competition

Will follow tihs competition , still waiting for the rules and registration announcement on Thursday.

19 Desember – 26 Desember 2009

1. Pendaftaran di mulai pada tanggal Rabu 18 November 2009 di 3 kota serentak :

The Other Culture

Lou Belle Shop

ORE Concept Store

2.Pendaftaran dilakukan dengan membeli satu buah Munny dengan menyertakan pengisian form data peserta.

3.Total hadiah bernilai 7 Juta untuk total 3 orang pemenang, dari Lou Belle Shop dan The Other Culture

4. Tanggal akhir pengiriman karya tanggal 13 Desember 2009 (sampai di Bandung), juga merupakan tanggal terakhir pendaftaran, lewat dari tanggal tersebut pendaftaran sudah ditutup

5.Pengumpulan terakhir karya di Jakarta dan Surabaya dilakukan pada tanggal 13 Desember 2009, pengiriman oleh kedua tempat pendaftran tersebut akan dilakukan pada tanggal 14 pagi ke Bandung

6.Pembukaan contest akan dilakukan pada tanggal 19 Desember di Lou Belle Shop, bersamaan dengan pengumuman pemenang juga diumukan pada tanggal tersebut setelah itu semua Munny akan di eksebisikan selama satu minggu di Lou Belle alternative space dan berakhir pada tanggal 26 Desember 2009

7.Penutupan akan diisi oleh Live Custom show dari Manuel Heischel, Yuddy The Yellow Dino dan Eunice Nuh (TBC), evan (recycle Experience), juga live musik yang dibawakan oleh beberapa DJ

8. Tema bebas

Mini 4 WD : Brocken G

Brocken G

Brocken G Chassis

Back then in junior high , Mini 4WD was a trend and I am one of the follower. Bought myself around 7 of them and many were unlucky enough to survive. But this one is my last and greatest development of them all , A brocken G. Got quite high speed with Ultra dash motor , Ball bearing roller and equipped with sponge tyre to save weight and add traction.

Vintage Toy Museum

Yesterday I went to Bandung again to visit Zerotoys. I never saw it before yesterday but they got some Vintage toys from 10 to 20 years ago. The museum itself still far completion but got collection ranged from US to Japan vintage toys. Probably it’s the 1st kind in Indonesia, apart from private collection.


US Vintage


More US Vintage

Vintage robot

Vintage robot


Transformers and other robot


More Transformers stuff


Darth Vader


Millenium Falcon and X Wing Fighter


More Vintage Toys