Custom Saber is done


After it’s overdue too long, finally the custom saber was done, it recycle some of the broken saber parts but the body is entirely new. Although i can say it’s not perfect but i am quite satisfied with the result.

I shall call this one Revengences


Broken Lightsaber

Few day’s ago I posted about making a new lightsaber, and seems like it is a right decision since I broke one of mine last saturday during training. The current progress is the body is in the middle of fabrication, nothing fancy this time because I need it quick so it will be using PVC pipe.

Below is the pic from the broken saber and the one who broke it


The clawed saber dubbed as the Reaper but I rename it to Blood reaper has destroyed my standard saber. Both of them are made by a my friend from Kit Sabers located in Singapore.

Will update the progress next week as the new lightsaber completed.






Addition to the Saber collection : Havoc

After waiting for three months, I finally have my new lightsaber named Havoc from Vader’s Vault thanks to Sakuragi a friend of mine who’s grabbed one for me from eBay while studying overseas and then hand carry it through the airport.

It was machined out of  aircraft grade aluminum T6 which makes it very lightweight and easy to maneuver using one hand. The beauty of the saber is also accompanied by the fact it was equipped with an anti-vandal switch and windows on the top of the hilt so we can see the glow of the blade. The blade was 32 inch Vader’s Vault dual diffused which not only very light but surprisingly durable and even comparable to my previous lightsaber with thicker blade.

This saber is a true work of art not only it looks very good but it’s also function very well, I was completely satisfied with the workmanship on this saber and probably will add another saber from Vader’s Vault in the future.

Arrival of Custom Lightsaber

I reveal the last loot from Kitsaber , a custom Standard Battle lightsaber , been waiting it for the past 2 weeks and finally arrived today.

Specification :

Total Length: 1080mm
Blade Length: 710mm
Batteries: 3x AAA
Blade Material: Polycarbonate

The lightsaber come without a sound board so it will only light up with no sound. The Luxeon LED makes it more like a flashlight and it won’t light up and down like a Force FX saber by Master Replica or Hasbro but that mean it can be used for duel without any worry that the light will die.

Standard Battle Saber Hilt

Saber On

Saber on

Lightsaber Training

I got a contacted by a guy from Singapore through my friend, he is the founder of Fightsaber Singapore. He basically asked me if I am interested in making a chapter here in Indonesia. Well it’s been my intention to have one here in Indonesia since 2008 or 2009 but finally it was officially founded on the 18th of January 2011 with the approval of Darth Rizer. The current management is Me , Rama as the trainer and slamet as our Lightsaber mech chief.

I don’t know If I have write it before but currently I am under lightsaber combat training. The training itself based on Caine drathul , a martial artist who teach various form of lightsaber and conveniently recorded and put into a DVD. The progress is well , now I am at lightsaber form 5 Djem-So the one that is predominantly used by Darth Vader after his fall to the darkside.

I will be teaching few of my friends starting this weekend , hopefully there will be a routine class every weekend

Here is a video for one of the kata