Wolverine claw

It’s has been a long time since I’m making a prop then finally gonna resume my old project of wolverine claw. The progress is now already have a mockup so it can be cut form acrylic

Claw mockup

Probably a 30 cm blade , did not now for sure cause I did not measure it just by feeling and seeing,


Arrival of Custom Lightsaber

I reveal the last loot from Kitsaber , a custom Standard Battle lightsaber , been waiting it for the past 2 weeks and finally arrived today.

Specification :

Total Length: 1080mm
Blade Length: 710mm
Batteries: 3x AAA
Blade Material: Polycarbonate

The lightsaber come without a sound board so it will only light up with no sound. The Luxeon LED makes it more like a flashlight and it won’t light up and down like a Force FX saber by Master Replica or Hasbro but that mean it can be used for duel without any worry that the light will die.

Standard Battle Saber Hilt

Saber On

Saber on

Chicken Katsu Rice

Chiken Katsu Rice

Every other day forĀ  the past two weeks I am having my breakfast at 7-11. My favorite menu there is chicken katsu with rice , usually I only eat one katsu and one rice but decide to add another katsu so I have double katsu. Don’t forget to add some ketchup and mustard to add to the taste.

Lightsaber Training

I got a contacted by a guy from Singapore through my friend, he is the founder of Fightsaber Singapore. He basically asked me if I am interested in making a chapter here in Indonesia. Well it’s been my intention to have one here in Indonesia since 2008 or 2009 but finally it was officially founded on the 18th of January 2011 with the approval of Darth Rizer. The current management is Me , Rama as the trainer and slamet as our Lightsaber mech chief.

I don’t know If I have write it before but currently I am under lightsaber combat training. The training itself based on Caine drathul , a martial artist who teach various form of lightsaber and conveniently recorded and put into a DVD. The progress is well , now I am at lightsaber form 5 Djem-So the one that is predominantly used by Darth Vader after his fall to the darkside.

I will be teaching few of my friends starting this weekend , hopefully there will be a routine class every weekend

Here is a video for one of the kata

Journal Entry

Old and new books to read

Recently been dusting off some books from shelf and buying a new one yesterday. The old one is Mastering Digital Photography by Michael Freeman , it’s been a solid year since I bought the book and now my progress last time is page 427 form 650 need to catch up then. The other old book is Warrior Of the Light by Paulo Coelho , about to read it again for the second time. The new book is 52 Photographic Projects by Kevin Meredith , a nice book to fill up my creativity because it’s been lost for too long.


My Strobist studio is coming together , last time I got 2 3rd party flash , 1 trigger and 2 receiver. Been saving up again to get some umbrella , lightstand background stand and background paper.



It is funny , when things lost and you look for it almost all the time it will elude you but when things are calming down and you did not look for it suddenly it’s there in front of you.

It happen to me last ocotber , I was looking for ideas but it’s nothing

then When november comes it all suddenly a rush of ideas

now I am in the middle of making a predator gauntlet , the mechanics already done now need to find the right configuration to build it