Pro Photographer ?

I just uploaded the same Sushi photo from the last blog to my Deviantart because it’s about 2 weeks since I upload my last work. Then a friend made a comment about one of my work.

Ijab Kabul

Ijab Kabul

Which is this one , taken from my cousin wedding a few months ago. It was taken at the moment of  wedding vow , we call it as Ijab Kabul.

And one of his reply was

first? i thought you’re a pro already.
yeah.. i agree it is very tiring because i occasionally do the same thing here in Brunei. Not pro haha just basic stuff. canon?

I still dazed and confused because he thought I was a pro photographer. Nevertheless, the road to professional photography still far from over there are more things to come.

But now I do learn that there are people that appreciate my artwork.

Thnx once again for the fav to Jeffzz111 in Brunei.