Primeval hunt on emporium pluit fixed

almost after half year the emporium pluit timezone finally fix the Primeval hunt LCD screen and i can play it back. but the disturbing is the placement of another game directly behid of it and it cause some glare and it really disturb. but i am quite satisfied. and one thing more , please add more game to the place , taman anggrek timezone seems more fun than the one in emporium,


Emporium Pluit Timezone : Disappointing

Since Timezone open on the Emporium pluit mall across my campus, occasionally I go there and play few games. At first one or two months there seems no problem with the machine and all goes well.

But I saw some decline on its game provided there. Starts with my favorite game primeval hunt, which is a shooting game with a nice feature of touch screen monitor. Last June it’s still working fine, then I was on holiday for a month so didn’t have any chance to go there in July. I was back on early august and start visit Timezone once again and found out that the touch screen was broken and replaced by a cardboard to what I assume hide the flaws. The touch screen itself an important part of the game, and when I ask about when they’ll fix the touch screen the employee can’t answer it.

Yesterday went there again because I have some free time to kill , and when playing some Claw crane game first and second try was ok and no problem at all. But at the third try the game was stuck and the claw seems like just going to the back and it’s slipping away. When I ask the employee to see it , he told me that the motor was broken and I was asked to play another game. Note that I was the only customer that morning.

Error also occur when I play Drum mania 10th mix last month, seems like there is a bug on the software. Spider stompin game also have a broken button that haven’t been fixed.

It’s such a shame for a long established game center that was in  better condition than now.