Journal entry

This Week

I am enjoying my holiday although it’s only for 8 days due to Idul Fitri tommorow. Well , now I gotta clean up the my room and help cook for tommorow since my cousin will come.

Anime DVD

Yesterday went to a DVD store nearby and finally found Ikkitousen series complete DVD and also Fate/Stay Night series.  Haven’t got the time to watch any of them so i’ll just keep them on the desk for a while.


A friend of mine need help for some Transformers figure , particularly ravage the one eyed metal cat which is part of soundscream the decepticon. Manage to found one and already sent him a Private message on the forum

Hot toys Men’s suit

Recently I purchase an Iron Man Mark 3 figure from Hot Toys which comes with extra 2 pair of hands and a spare head with the face of Robert Downey Jr. Been browsing lately and some of international collector use the extra head to make aTony Stark figure. Just bought the 12 inch body needed for the kitbash but still lacking the Suit from the movie itself. Already contacted my regular figure seller but he already run out of stock , last night already saw one on Ebay with much cheaper price and free shipping but I don’t have paypal so need to ask a favor from a friend.

Golden Armor

Why can’t you love me like I do for you
I’ve patiently wait for thousand of years
Only the stars accompany me at night
wishing you could be by my side

I never wanted this fight
cause you are the one I love
No master or servant will stop me
If I must , I will sacrifice anything

Like My Golden armor , this love won’t rust
nor they will broken