1/48 RX-78 Gundam

It seems like Bandai would supersize their famous RX-78.  It’s still in form of prototype but judging from it’s leg seems like they making some improvement but I can’t judge untill further update

images from Toysdaily


WIP : Astray Red Frame snapbuilt finished

Last time the progress was only on the torso but now


Finished both arms , feel lazy for the legs

Astray Red Frame

But few hours later I did finish him without the backpak. Probably gonna customize on that one. Next is time to nip all the male parts (Which I should’ve done before assembly) and then paint with the original colours.

Still thinking about acquiring another one or two to be customized.

HGUC Ksahtriya NZ-666

It’s probably already a year since Bandai release a MG kit of Unicorn and Sinanju.

But they haven’t release any sort of kit of one my favorite Mecha from Gundam Unicorn series (anime willl be appearing at the end of 2009)

But I should not worry , since Bandai already making some prototype and cast some HGUC kit 1/144 of Kshatriya.

Looking by the size of it’s box and the sprue it will be a fun Gunpla to built.

Can’t wait to get one , which mean i must start saving some money form now on.

Images from Akiba Hobby

Vintage Toy Museum

Yesterday I went to Bandung again to visit Zerotoys. I never saw it before yesterday but they got some Vintage toys from 10 to 20 years ago. The museum itself still far completion but got collection ranged from US to Japan vintage toys. Probably it’s the 1st kind in Indonesia, apart from private collection.


US Vintage


More US Vintage

Vintage robot

Vintage robot


Transformers and other robot


More Transformers stuff


Darth Vader


Millenium Falcon and X Wing Fighter


More Vintage Toys


Urban Toys

PVC figure

Gunpla , Gunpla , Gunpla
feels like looking at mountains of GOLD

On the left , figure from various anime

All Tamiya Mini 4WD

The one on the yellow basket , they are on sale

Trueno AE86

Loot From Toy’s Fair

Top :
Action base black
Char Zaku HGUC 1/144
Nightmare on christmas skull
RX-78 MK II Titans MG 1/100
Punisher 12 Inch

Middle :
Deathstar academy
Darth Vader

Black Excalibur
Archer Dual Swords

Darth Vader Poster
and the aftermath
The expense , burn my wallet.

Duel Gundam Stealth

Finally , after three months hold I finished the Duel Gundam repainting.

The first concept was to paint it like Punisher with a big skull on the chest. Later I skipped the skull and repaint it black then spray it with flat clear coat.

It looks good , but I have difficulties looking at it’s detail since it all black.

This is the only picture I have before it’s painted

Must admit , it looks better with it’s flat black paint

Posing with it’s 115mm “Shiva” rail gun

The Workstation / Photo Studio