A Nightmare On Elm Street

I just watched Nightmare On Elm Street last thursday and it’s basically remake of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street. The movie itself quite scary but not to the extent of the original one. A note about the new Freddy , please get Robert Englund back as Freddy. My final score is 6.5/10

And I did not watch it alone but with some of my friends.

Okie Krueger

Our very own , Okie Krueger


Victim for the day , Indie


Such a rare occasion where Leatherface , Jason Voorhees and Okie Krueger can meet


Ok , stop with the nonsense “It’s bashing time”


Some of us feel hungry so we choose to have dinner at a restaurant


Confused with the Menu

Some of the Victim for the day


Bread with sweet milk


A soup for Darth Mother because she’s got a toothache


Jumbo Sandwich for me


Jason forgot to bring his machete so a knife should be sufficient.


Sushi Naga

Sushi Naga




Sushi Moriasawe set , it is nice to finally see Sushi and Fusion Sushi on the same plate


The Fusion have Salmon eggs , Crackers , Cucumber and Crabstick.


Soy sauce , powder chili¬† and last but not least Ginger. The ginger is used to “wash” your tongue so you don’t mix the taste of one kind of sushi with the other one

AddressThe Address of the Restaurant.

Munny Custom Competition

Will follow tihs competition , still waiting for the rules and registration announcement on Thursday.

19 Desember – 26 Desember 2009

1. Pendaftaran di mulai pada tanggal Rabu 18 November 2009 di 3 kota serentak :

The Other Culture

Lou Belle Shop

ORE Concept Store

2.Pendaftaran dilakukan dengan membeli satu buah Munny dengan menyertakan pengisian form data peserta.

3.Total hadiah bernilai 7 Juta untuk total 3 orang pemenang, dari Lou Belle Shop dan The Other Culture

4. Tanggal akhir pengiriman karya tanggal 13 Desember 2009 (sampai di Bandung), juga merupakan tanggal terakhir pendaftaran, lewat dari tanggal tersebut pendaftaran sudah ditutup

5.Pengumpulan terakhir karya di Jakarta dan Surabaya dilakukan pada tanggal 13 Desember 2009, pengiriman oleh kedua tempat pendaftran tersebut akan dilakukan pada tanggal 14 pagi ke Bandung

6.Pembukaan contest akan dilakukan pada tanggal 19 Desember di Lou Belle Shop, bersamaan dengan pengumuman pemenang juga diumukan pada tanggal tersebut setelah itu semua Munny akan di eksebisikan selama satu minggu di Lou Belle alternative space dan berakhir pada tanggal 26 Desember 2009

7.Penutupan akan diisi oleh Live Custom show dari Manuel Heischel, Yuddy The Yellow Dino dan Eunice Nuh (TBC), evan (recycle Experience), juga live musik yang dibawakan oleh beberapa DJ

8. Tema bebas

Journal Entry

The Road Is Empty

The short story is , people who come from outside Jakarta usually goes to their hometown at Lebaran which is at the end of Ramadhan. Because of that , the streets of Jakarta are now empty untill today , not many cars were around and I can Speed up to 100 KM/H on the main road of jakarta with less time to travel the same distance.

Waiting for Danboard

Just order a Figure from Yotsuba anime called a Danboard. The man who sell me the figure said the shipment will arrive from overseas at the end of the month

Terminator T-600 endoskeleton

Been considering to get myself a Hot Toys endoskeleton of T-600 from terminator. Feel very interested after seeing the review on youtube and a guy named Jeff Parker. Already sent some messages to seller at Kafegaul but still no reply from them.

Starting a business

Seems like i’ll be going onto a business of selling figure soon after I can find a supplier.


After considering the amount of action  figure I have , will start writing some review about them in one or two weeks.

Journal Entry

I just woke up because of an earthquake hit Jakarta , it’s the 2nd one for me and the City. The first one occur back in the 1997. I feel like there is someone nudge my bed when I was realized that none would enter my room since I locked it from the Inside and then found out that it’s impossible that my keychain that is hangin are swingin here and there. Immediately getting out of my room and found the crystal lamp outside were swinging too.Hope it doesn’t pave way into a bigger one in the future. Off course I wouldn’t realize it if it isn’t big enough like the one back in 1997.

Update : The epicenter of the earthquake is on Tasikmalaya , West Java with 7,3 on richter scale.

Security Checkpoint

Around Jakarta , most of the large shopping mall have multiple security checkpoint around their entrance.But are they effective enough , I am personally skeptic about it. The reason is sometimes the security guard are not vigilant enough

My personal experience about the checkpoint is when im about to fix my laptop , I brought it inside my laptop case and got a big metal chain on the outer pocket. But when the security guard scanned it , no beeping sounds. Well what I saw is the metal detector was either running out of battery or turned off by the security guard (I know because I’ve played with metal detector in High school).

How’s the metal detector gonna work if it’s not even turned on.