Katsudon Curry

Curry Katsudon

Back again with something I ate today. It’s a Katsudon curry , something from my favorite restaurant. The chicken was crispy and the curry was good enough , but it is no match for the beef curry I ate back in Japan in 2002. Wish I can go back and do crazy stuff in Akihabara.



Today I went out and decide to eat okonomiyaki after few months. This is the only place I know that serve okonomiyaki called Okirobox. They have few branches in Jakarta and 2 mobile station that sometimes show up at special occasion or event.

The Menu

Okirobox menu

How they cook Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki poured

ChoppedĀ  cabbage was put on the pan , and tuna added on top of it then an egg poured on top of it.

okonomiyaki next step

The eggs that run here and there was put on top of the okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki flipped

After one side is cooked then it’s flipped and after it’s done chopped into 6 pieces

Okonomiyaki done

Then it’s done ,

add Mayonnaise ,

okonomiyaki sauce ,

smoked fish shaving that will move because of the heat ,

and some dried seaweed

Itadakimas !!!