A Nightmare On Elm Street

I just watched Nightmare On Elm Street last thursday and it’s basically remake of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street. The movie itself quite scary but not to the extent of the original one. A note about the new Freddy , please get Robert Englund back as Freddy. My final score is 6.5/10

And I did not watch it alone but with some of my friends.

Okie Krueger

Our very own , Okie Krueger


Victim for the day , Indie


Such a rare occasion where Leatherface , Jason Voorhees and Okie Krueger can meet


Ok , stop with the nonsense “It’s bashing time”


Some of us feel hungry so we choose to have dinner at a restaurant


Confused with the Menu

Some of the Victim for the day


Bread with sweet milk


A soup for Darth Mother because she’s got a toothache


Jumbo Sandwich for me


Jason forgot to bring his machete so a knife should be sufficient.


Jason Mask finally Arrive from Singapore

After waiting for almost 2 weeks , my Jason Mask has finally arrive.

Jason Mask

Already try to put it on and it’s a little bit too small for my face. But it does not matter since I will wear a hoodie and cut my hair clean to get into the role.

Will wear it on next month Toyfair.

Last Saturday , went out a full day with my Jason mask just to test several things


i was able to put it on for 2 hours straight without any sign of discomfort since the strap is adjustable. Kudos for the maker.


As for the craftmanship , the shape is good but the downside is the holes around the mask are assmetry , the size of the eye hole are different , and the red paint on the forehead and the cheek goes everywhere.

Scare level

Manage to scare at least 7 people and yes it scare the hell out of them no matter who they are

Final verdict

It’s a good one and does the job well to scare anyone but need to be fixed on the craftmanship side