Im just an ordinary guyg with ordinary life. But it seems my life is getting out of hand for the past 2 years. There are things that I should’ve been done long time ago but they are

well I just don’t know what to say anymore

It all just happen when things are about to get right in the first place

Alrady tried harder than the lst time

but it’s not enough

i just keep worry about the future.

Stuck in the morning doin nothing

All of these time off from college has gave me time to think even for things that supposeably not to important. Now It’s almost 3 am here in the city I call Jakarta. Just awaken because got too much sleep yesterday and basically doin nothing.

First just want to say Happy Birthday to my friend Poisonne

Just took the pic from her facebook , Photos by Drew Hoshkiw


Need to working on those personal project , starting from today. Including some photoshoot , will post the picture after it’s all done.


I feel some disturbace in the FORCE lately , need to locate the source of it then end this madness once and for all.

Thoughtless Influenza

As holiday comes , my brain that full of things to be processed are emptied from all of the lessons that become it’s burden for the last 6 months. But the so called “holiday” has affect me more than I thought. My eating habit has got worse since the last time , my tight regiment are declining rapidly and back into my usual unhealthy choice of food. Also my routine fitness scheduelle haven’t been done according to the scheduelle. As result gain some extra pounds that I must shed before holiday is over.

Sleeping pettern are also changed , where now mostly I sleep at noon and awake in the middle of the night like now. As result , my immune system are goin down and just caught an Influenza yesterday. Condition right now are not too great , feverish , dizzy , runny nose , coughing , and my eyes feels like been burned down.

But I feels like it will be over in the next two or three days after that , some Gundam assembly , reading Paulo Coelho new book “Winner Stands Alone” after I can locate and purchase one , photo hunting around the city , and coming home to Surabaya and Malang next month.

Security Checkpoint

Around Jakarta , most of the large shopping mall have multiple security checkpoint around their entrance.But are they effective enough , I am personally skeptic about it. The reason is sometimes the security guard are not vigilant enough

My personal experience about the checkpoint is when im about to fix my laptop , I brought it inside my laptop case and got a big metal chain on the outer pocket. But when the security guard scanned it , no beeping sounds. Well what I saw is the metal detector was either running out of battery or turned off by the security guard (I know because I’ve played with metal detector in High school).

How’s the metal detector gonna work if it’s not even turned on.

Stolen car

Few hours ago , I am trying to get home from college after the Public Health 2nd Exam. I was trying to open my car door using the remote , but it won’t open.

The remote battery seems to run out , the indicator light was dead.

I called my chauffeur and he said that I should try to open the door then start the engine.

Is it working , no the alarm still sound.

I ask him to come and after waiting for about 30 minutes , my chauffer finally came and plug off the cable to the alarm speaker.

On the way home , the alarm sytem was still on and my headlamps are blinking on and off all the time.

Just 3 miles from my home , I realized something. I turn off the remote this morning , and after switching it to on the door was opened and the alarm system totally down.

Well , I must rememeber to turn on the remote next time because it feels like I stole my own car.