Black Pepper Beef Sandwich

Black pepper beef sandwich

Just something I eat at the cafe while becoming a Wi-Fi Refugee. Taste quite good , the vegetables were simmered with lemonade that give a fresh taste. The bun also made of whole wheat bread so cause i need to eat something healthier.


Wi-Fi Refugee

Jakarta is having a massive blackout , the electricity must be distributed to a certain area with limit of blackout usually 4 hours. It all happen since last month where a transformer in Kembangan blew up and the other one in other area of Jakarta Burned down. Last week the 2nd Transformer in Kembangan Blew up and it cause the blackout to be the worse in history of my beloved but screwed city. Today it’s been the 2nd time the electricity went down and now i am at a cafe trying to finish my study and then went home to get some sleep and hope the electricity already on. Goddamn you National Power Company (Perusahaan Listrik Negara)

Pic from Chickenstrip blog