Here comes D90


After patiently using my D40X for three long years I just upgrade it to Nikon D90. It’s time since my photography skills are expanding and feels like D40x does not suit me anymore. Been looking for it for a week and did not found any store with a stock , don’t know why but finally I got it at JPC Kemang. But I now it’s here and it’s time to expand my work again with reading some books by Michael Freeman.

As for my D40x , I gave it to my sister because she will need to learn how to use an DSLR soon for his practice as a doctor

Hellofest V.6

I should’ve write this one 2 weeks ago , but the hustle and bustle of life keeps me grounded for a while. Hellofest is an Animation , Movie and Cosplay festival held every year for the past 6 years by Hellomotion. This year I come because few friends of mine are cosplaying as characters from Sengoku Basara , but didn’t manage to see them. Nevertheless got 200 pics and here are some of them.


Mech Gatotkaca

Mecha Gatotkaca , traditional character with modern twist

Lord Vader

Darth Vader , by Jasmine Surkatty


The joker


Karas and ?????? , Should ask my friend about this one



Girls for King Of Fighter


Mecha Musume ?





Masked Hero from Crayon Sinchan


Yuna from Final Fantasy

Rei ayanami

While doing my usual browsing everyday , I stumble upon this PVC figure of Rei Ayanami made by Shunya Yamashita. I’ve been looking for her since few months ago but seems can’t find it untill yesterday. After contacting the seller he say that Rei is on stock and he will look for it first on his warehouse (which actually part of his home). After it’s confirmed I went there and retreive the good and after opening the box , I do the usual photoshoot in order to celebrate the acquisition.

Rei Ayanami

Shunya work always amaze me,  including this one

Rei Ayanami

Look at those gorgeous curves.

Rei Ayanami

One shot from her left

Rei Ayanami

One shot from the right

Rei Ayanami

Portrait shot

Rei Ayanami

And for the last shot , from the back.

Overall this figure is very nice, the re-interpretation was really good and as usual Shunya never disappoint me with his works. Still thinking about acquiring more  figure next time, probably another Shunya work but in my mind right now is some figure from Ikkitouen probably Kanu Unchou or Choun Shiryu.

Mini Studio

Yesterday went to the hardware store to buy 2 lamps and 2 stands to renovate my photo studio


The Photo studio that is fairly simple , white paper for the background and 2 lamps that I just bought and install


This is when the light was on. Didn’t use the side lamp here because it will overpower my pocket camera sensor. The one on the right is the reflector


And this is the result , quite good for me but still need to have some paper as diffuser.

Better photography

1.Decide Your Goal

Do you want to document your everyday life , a hobbyist or trying to get Pro

2.Choose Your Arsenal

Camera are basically divided into 3 major groups

– Single Lens Reflex / Digital Single Lens Reflex

The advantage of the SLR/DSLR are on the lens where they are interchangeable so gives you more of creative freedom.

– Prosumer Camera / Superzoom

It is basically a mixed between DSLR and Pocket Camera. The sensor are the same with DSLR but the lens are not interchangeable but gives you very far zoom with it’s lens and you see the image through an LCD Screen. Best used for people that wants to get high quality image but don’t want the fuzz of changing lens every single time.

– Pocket Camera

The usual pocket camera with LCD screen with few basic feature and several mode to help you


The most important from all of them are

the skills of the photographer

not the camera.

3.Get Close with your camera

The first mistakes that people do when they buy something , is not reading the manual. How many of you buy something then just use it. This time try to open the manual book , it does help so you can maximize the use of your camera.

4.Learn the basic first

A good foundation is essential to photography, there are many of them but the most important is about the Composition. It is about where you put the subject on the photograph that you will take, just put the camera setting on Program if you are on DSLR or Superzoom and Manual for Pocket camera.

5.Read books , browse Youtube

The photography books are the things you need to learn about photography itself , try to find a good one. Youtube is also another source for learning. Most of the time I browse and find things that are interesting enough for me to learn.

6.Try different kind of photography

There are many types of photography out there , don’t just satisfied with one.

7.Use Photoshop not Sotoshop

From my personal point of view , photoshop or another image editing software is important. But photography itself lies on the skill of taking the photo not the skill of using photoshop. Now most of my time are spent on photoshop are used to crop the picture and adding some watermark to my work before they were uploaded , rarely use it for massive image overhaul .

After few of my first hunting , I used it a lot to correct the mistakes done when the photo was taken but now mostly used for cropping and and watermarking.

8.Learn from another artist

I do learn from another photographer by looking at their work and sometimes analyzing the photograph itself.

Probably you’re gonna ask when ? Well , I do it all the time by looking magazines , billboard , even movies.

9.Take Lot’s of picture

Nowadays there are no reason not to take hundred of pictures , memory card are getting cheaper each day

10. Have FUN

This one is the most important of all , now get out there and do it. Don’t just sit there in front of your computer.

Pro Photographer ?

I just uploaded the same Sushi photo from the last blog to my Deviantart because it’s about 2 weeks since I upload my last work. Then a friend made a comment about one of my work.

Ijab Kabul

Ijab Kabul

Which is this one , taken from my cousin wedding a few months ago. It was taken at the moment of  wedding vow , we call it as Ijab Kabul.

And one of his reply was

first? i thought you’re a pro already.
yeah.. i agree it is very tiring because i occasionally do the same thing here in Brunei. Not pro haha just basic stuff. canon?

I still dazed and confused because he thought I was a pro photographer. Nevertheless, the road to professional photography still far from over there are more things to come.

But now I do learn that there are people that appreciate my artwork.

Thnx once again for the fav to Jeffzz111 in Brunei.


If you let me I could,
I’d show you how to build your fences,
Set restrictions, separate from the world.
The constant battle that you hate to fight,
Just blame the limelight.

Inspired by Fences – Paramore