One day with Danbo

Yesterday I brought along my Danbo to Campus and everyone is asking me about  him from colleages to my lecturer. Many of the girls find him very cute and irresistible , about 14 of them said it to me that particular day.

Hitch a ride

Riding along in my pocket


Ain’t he cute


Seeing a Burner for the first time , he’s quite curious

Danbo Love Kuroki Nanami

And when I left him alone he browse my computer and found the Idol folder. At least now I don’t have to worry about his growth and development.


New camera

Canon Ixus 95 IS

Finally after saving up for several months I acquire myself a Canon Ixus 95 IS AKA Canon Powershot 1200. I bought it because I’m tired to bring my Nikon D40x  everday.

Alrady done some test shot’s and they are amazing , will post them up soon.