Wolverine claw

It’s has been a long time since I’m making a prop then finally gonna resume my old project of wolverine claw. The progress is now already have a mockup so it can be cut form acrylic

Claw mockup

Probably a 30 cm blade , did not now for sure cause I did not measure it just by feeling and seeing,

A Nightmare On Elm Street

I just watched Nightmare On Elm Street last thursday and it’s basically remake of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street. The movie itself quite scary but not to the extent of the original one. A note about the new Freddy , please get Robert Englund back as Freddy. My final score is 6.5/10

And I did not watch it alone but with some of my friends.

Okie Krueger

Our very own , Okie Krueger


Victim for the day , Indie


Such a rare occasion where Leatherface , Jason Voorhees and Okie Krueger can meet


Ok , stop with the nonsense “It’s bashing time”


Some of us feel hungry so we choose to have dinner at a restaurant


Confused with the Menu

Some of the Victim for the day


Bread with sweet milk


A soup for Darth Mother because she’s got a toothache


Jumbo Sandwich for me


Jason forgot to bring his machete so a knife should be sufficient.

Jason Mask

Contacted a fellow friend at forum to help me buy a Jason mask. Transaction goes well and the mask already ordered few hours ago. It’s a replica of Jason Voorhees mask from friday the 13th and made in Singapore.

The price isn’t cheap but at least he give free shipping worldwide. Can’t wait for it to arrive in 1 or 2 weeks.

Hellofest V.6

I should’ve write this one 2 weeks ago , but the hustle and bustle of life keeps me grounded for a while. Hellofest is an Animation , Movie and Cosplay festival held every year for the past 6 years by Hellomotion. This year I come because few friends of mine are cosplaying as characters from Sengoku Basara , but didn’t manage to see them. Nevertheless got 200 pics and here are some of them.


Mech Gatotkaca

Mecha Gatotkaca , traditional character with modern twist

Lord Vader

Darth Vader , by Jasmine Surkatty


The joker


Karas and ?????? , Should ask my friend about this one



Girls for King Of Fighter


Mecha Musume ?





Masked Hero from Crayon Sinchan


Yuna from Final Fantasy